About Beenu Rajpoot

About Beenu Rajpoot

Beenu Rajpoot, Multitalented personality, a intelligent film maker, philosophical thinker, a creative fashion designer, for the past one and half decades, she have made a niche in the competitive field of fashion design. Venturing into the field of creative; Film Maker, her works have shown another facet of communication skills where visuals speak ‘a thousand words’ and much more.

Born and bought up in Punjab. A keen innate creative instinct set her on the path of studying the field of creativity through the medium of Fashion-designer and Film-maker that reflects the essence of Indian cultural and philosophical aesthetics, and all forms of visual and performing arts.

She is creative film-maker & pictorial photographer. Her main stream in documentary films is "Art & Culture". Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation. It represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices. She always feel proud to be part of it. The famous Film maker Mr. Mike H Pandey and renowned photographer Shri O P Sharma is her Guru.

According to her,“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.” Storytelling documentary expands our understanding of shared human experience, fostering an informed, compassionate, and connected world.

For me shooting documentary style is the most interesting way of seeing the world and telling a story. I don't like the contrived way the theatrical movie is conceived and put together. If the movie is based on a novel or a stage play, then the filmmaking process is only a copying medium. There's no art in it. I think great movies can be made when a novel or stage play is successfully converted to a movie. The adaptation process is important. However, a lot of times, it's not advisable to do that, since the audience for the original work is much greater than for an esoteric adaptation based on it.